Screen Printing

One of the most commonly seen and worn decoration types today, screen printing is the process of putting ink onto a garment by pushing ink through a screen that acts as a stencil. Each ink color requires its own screen, so a five color image will require at least five screens with each color of ink placed on an individual screen. A garment is sent around the press, each screen laying down one color at a time, 'building' the design with each pass.
  • white ink screen

  • 3 colors laid down

  • final 4 color design

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We can achieve different effects (looks) by altering the art setup as well as our production process. The material and color of your garment will also affect the final look. Due to nearly an infinite amount of variables, there sometimes will be limitations to what we can achieve. If we don't think what you choose will turn out the way you want, we will suggest alternative options.


    High opacity. We lay a heavy coat of ink on the garment. Even though its a heavy coat of ink, we aim to achieve a happy medium between coverage and breathability to ensure comfort while being worn.


    Low opacity. We utilize a combination of our mesh density, ink coverage and no base coat to achieve this worn-in and faded look. This print will have a softer hand feel than solid.


    This look is not achieved on press. This is a design effect applied to the digital art file in the art production step of the process. In essence, part of the design is 'removed' so no ink is actually laid down in certain areas. The above sample shows a solid + distressed look.

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The color of your garment will affect the final look of your printed piece. Below shows the same design and same ink colors on a pink garment and light grey garment.

Our many years of experience allows us to foresee possible variances and outcomes which we then discuss with our customers prior to production.

Standard Ink Colors

We use only the highest-quality plastisol inks and utilize the Standard Colors below in the majority of our orders, which allows us to keep them all in-house at all times. We also custom mix inks to perfectly match your brand PMS color or other color matching requirements for an additional color matching fee. 
Note: Colors may vary depending on your screen resolution and contrast.

custom mixed ink

For custom mixed ink, please provide us with a PMS (Pantone Solid) number. We will match the color utilizing our PMS color matching mixing system. Or if you have a physical color sample, bring it in so we can match it for you.

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