Devin has partnered with Ink n Threadz to expand his very own business venture, Devin’s Designs. Devin provides the creativity and what he wants to share with the world. Ink n Threadz helps source garments, provides the equipment, supplies and training to Devin, and the platform to sell to the public.

After designing together on the computer, Devin chooses ink color and the garment and prints each item himself on the Direct to Garment machine. He also lends his stellar modelling skills for the product photography!

living with autism

Different; not less

Devin loves seeing and making other people happy. He started printing t-shirts as a way to create art and share happiness with those around him. Having a love for drawing, inspirational quotes and color, Devin injects all these things into the designs he chooses.

behind the printing

Day in the life

A graduate of Hudson High School, Devin enjoys dancing, music, the Green Bay Packers and also the Milwaukee Bucks. At home he spends time with his Golden Retriever Oliver; taking him for walks and to the dog park. Not a fan of washing dishes, he does help around home by making his bed, helping with laundry and cleaning.

A way to connect

Reflect happiness

Devin's main goal for the future is to be happy and make others happy too. His shirts are a way for him to share inspiration and positivity with the world, and a way to connect.

The net sales of your purchase will go directly to Devin, who is saving for many things; but on the top of his list are more tattoos and jewelry!

  • designed by devin

    All of Devin’s designs reflect his natural state of happiness, warmth and positivity, which he hopes to inspire in all of us through wearing his shirts.

  • printed by devin

    Devin has been trained on how to run, clean and maintain Eddy, the Epson direct to garment printer here at Ink n Threadz. Once an order is received, he is responsible for each step in the production and fulfilling process!

Current Designs Available

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