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NEW! Wake Up and Be Awesome Hoodie - Devin's Designs

NEW! Wake Up and Be Awesome Hoodie - Devin's Designs

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By popular request we're re-releasing one of Devin's original designs!

Devin's Designs - Powered by Onsite Apparel
Devin provides the creativity and what he wants to share with the world. Onsite helps source garments, provides the equipment, supplies and training to Devin, and the platform to sell to the public.

Devin's main goal for the future is to be happy and make others happy too. His shirts are a way for him to share inspiration and positivity with the world, and a way to connect.


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  • All items are printed in the order they are received and there is no pre-printed inventory.
  • Devin works 2 days a week so please allow 1-2 weeks for production time and an additional 3-5 days for shipping.
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spreading positivity

Devin loves seeing and making other people happy. He started printing t-shirts as a way to create art and share happiness with those around him. Having a love for drawing, inspirational quotes and color, Devin injects all these things into the designs he creates.

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